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Welcome to the place for finding private accommodation in Cuba for your trip!! In a Casa Particular (private home or cuban bed and breakfast version) you will find the real cuban hospitality and friendship…

Stay in a Casa Particular is a guarantee of getting to know the real cuban people. So click on a region in the map below, do a search for casas or if you’re in a hurry, request any casa particular here,…… and have fun in Cuba!!

Our featured destination: Havana!

Casa Particular Havana

Choose a casa particular havana when you are visiting the capital of Cuba. Just being close to the attracions in Havana will not be the best reason to choose a casa particular or private accommodation in the city.

What you must take into account when choosing a Casa Particular Havana

If your visit is mainly focused on architecture, staying in a casa particular in Old Havana is what you need to do. However, if you like to stay in a modern neighbourhood, you can stay in casas particulares in Vedado and still visit the old part of the city. A Casa Particular in Havana is also possible in Miramar quarter.

Casa Particular Havana – Extra services

As in other cities, travelers staying in a casa particular havana have a variety of services being offered to them such as Breakfast, Meals, Laundry, Room Cleaning. Services like Tourist Advice, Translation, Calling a Cab are usually free by the casa particular owners.

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All the Casa Particular in Havana

Havana is the largest city in the Caribbean, is Cuba's political, cultural and economic hub.
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All the Casa Particular in Santiago

Santiago de Cuba is Cuba's second city, the birthplace of the revolution, offers visitors imposing monuments from almost every era of the city's 500-year history.
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