First we believe that most of those that travel these days to Cuba are looking for a close contact with our beautiful nature, our beaches, our culture, our music, and more importantly: our people. So the best way to stay in direct contact with the Cubans, our hospitality, get to know the way we live, the way we are, the way we face everyday's troubles with a smile, is living among us. This applies to those interested in renting a private accommodation sharing common areas with the Cuban families. Another advantage is that you can save some money if you rent in a private accommodation. The average is cheaper than the State hotels, excluding those private luxurious mansions with pool that are also available for rent. Besides being in a private accommodation, you are not forced to follow the routinary life we are used to live in a hotel, and so you feel you are still at home. The third benefit is that yes, in private accommodations you are allowed to bring Cuban guests and friends and even they are allowed to stay overnight. Please notice that they must not be under age and they must provide the house owner their full name and ID # to write it down in the book. Cubans are not allowed to enter hotel rooms in Cuba
Since 1997, the Cuban government allowed the Cuban families to legally register their rental services for foreigner tourists and thus they pay a license and taxes to the Cuban government for this economical activity. It's indeed a legal business in Cuba. Regarding Varadero beach, it is now legal that Cuban citizens rent their private homes to foreign tourists. Enjoy Varadero beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba!!
Once you reached our homepage, you surely noticed different categories of acommodations for rent. For easy of use we have conveniently separated the houses acording the number of rooms. Just, browse at your leisure and click on the house of your preference.
In some cases, where more than one bedroom is available and the bedrooms are inside the house or apartment, sharing common areas with the Cuban family, the other bedrooms may be rented to other guests. If this should be an inconvenience, please look in the directory for the accommodations with private entrance. If you do not find the accommodation with private entrance with the conditions that you are looking for, please contact us and ask us what you need. We have contacts with many other similar accommodations that may be available.
Please then complete our non-specific Booking form and inform us what you need. Include, dates of your trip, for how long, amount of bedrooms that you need, possible locations, whether it should be private or shared with Cuban families, and any other detail that could help us find a place for you in Cuba.
There are two ways: After you find the house you are interested in and when done checking the details simply push the "Book now" button, fill the form, then press the submit button. It's all that it takes. Alternatively you can choose "Book" option from the menu bar. In that case also fill the form and push the submit button.
Yes. As soon as we confirm the reservation.
Yes you will by email. As soon as we confirm that the place that you requested is available, we will send you an email with the confirmation and including the address.
The pricing varies between 25 and 50 USD per room per day depending on the location of the house.
Yes, upon your arrival at Havana airport someone of our staff will be meeting and leading you to the booked acommodation. For Havana is now available on CubaParticular.com a welcome service at the airport; if you like to meet a person of our staff directly at Havana airport to take you, by taxi, to the house you booked, simply fill in the form with the relevant data. The welcome service is free but the taxi fare is not included.
You pay in cash when you get to the accommodation and you pay directly to the landlord. You can either pay in advance for the total of booked days or pay at the end. There must have been cases, specially when booking for many days, when we might ask to do a downpayment to be able to reach an acceptable level of commitment for both parties.
Please, either go to our contact page and let us know your questions or simply send us an email. We will reply within the next 48 hours.